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As challenging as getting organized can be, staying organized is the hard part, and needs to be viewed as a daily discipline. So often people make a monumental effort to get organized, only to have their busy lives take over and before you know it, the mess and clutter is back!

Once you have achieved order in your life, it is important to take these simple steps to maintain what you have worked so hard for:

Look at Your Daily Habits. What are things that you do everyday that contribute to disorganization? Are you so rushed that you don’t have time to hang up your clothes? Or when you come home from work is everything dumped on the kitchen counter (keys, glasses, briefcase, and phone)? Be aware how a simple change in your daily actions can stop disorganization before it starts. Having a designated place to put your phone and keys when you walk in the door can make a huge difference, or taking that extra couple of minutes to hang up your clothes in the evening. It may take a bit more mindfulness as you go through your day, but soon it will become a habit.

Make Space in Your Schedule for a Daily Pick Up. Set aside a little time in your day to keep up with daily organization. Maybe it is 15 minutes before you leave for work, or when you get home. Pick up the daily clutter that has accumulated; wipe down the counters, clear the kitchen sink. This daily maintenance will do wonders for keeping order in your home.

Get Help When You Need It. If you are unable to keep up, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether you need to enlist the help of a mother’s helper, housekeeper or professional organizer, take action when needed. The sooner you get some help the better.

Be Realistic. Many of us hold ourselves to unreasonably high standards. Women often fall into this, and feel that they must have a perfectly clean and organized house, all while raising children and working full time. Make sure you do not set yourself up for failure and set reasonable goals for yourself!

Make a Family Commitment. Rally the support of your family to help. Everyone benefits from living in a clean, organized space! When everyone does their part, your home stays organized and you just may find some extra time in your day to do something you enjoy!

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