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Lifestlye Management Specialist

I have referred Belinda to several high end clients, with excellent results. She is a first class organizer and lifestyle management specialist. Additionally, she is nurturing, understanding and intuitive and has a great sense of what clients need and where/how she can be of the most value. She is able to make suggestions and implement a plan either on a short term or long term basis. I would not hesitate to recommend her again and again!

Kathy Bloodworth, Design Director at Kendall Wilkinson Design, LLC.

Organizes YOUR Way

If you are looking for someone to help organize your life – Belinda is the one for you. She is different than other organization specialists, because she does it YOUR way. During the initial consultation, she understands how YOU work, and then makes sure that her method of getting your business or personal life “wrangled” matches it. This may seem like an obvious way to go about things…but I have found this is rarely the case in the “organizational consultant” field. Belinda also has a deep understanding of HR-related issues, and she therefore is more than “just an organizer” for a business.


Sandy Shepard, IP, Trademark & Contract Law

I honestly don’t know what I would do without her

I have been working with Belinda for five years now. I was first recommended by our Interior Designer, and Belinda coordinated our move from NYC to SF. She secured the street permits for the moving truck – that I and the moving company had no idea we needed – and coordinated every box and piece of furniture that was delivered into our home. She made sure each piece of furniture had felt protectors on the legs so our hard wood floors would not be scratched. She also had a team who unpacked our kitchen as well as lined all of the shelves before unloading. Belinda worked with this team as well consulting me only to generally discuss where things should be placed. I did not have to be involved  in the details at all so I could focus on the rest of the house. The result was perfect. I was able to find everything – it was all in the right places. She also made sure our beds were set up so we could comfortably spend the first night in our home. Since the move, I regularly work with Belinda to stay organized cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets.  She handles all of the donation items making a very detailed list of what is donated. She also handles the items I sell on The RealReal Company and again keeps perfect records. She is also amazing with the best referrals for resources. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. I trust her implicitly – she is kind, smart, thoughtful, hard working – not to mention incredibly professional and organized!  I enjoy our time together and look forward to having her organizational services for many years to come!

K. A.  Marina, San Francisco

Provides Motivation and Direction

Belinda is the best person to hire if you are the “I’m going to get to this project when I get a moment” person. She provides the motivation and direction to accomplish these tasks, and actually helps you get them done faster than you probably would have done by yourself. She is the procrastinator’s drill sargent of organization. Her systematic style of relocation from point a to point b, is spot on without wasting a lot of time with movers and other personnel involved. I am a fan and will continue to use her services and highly recommend her to anyone.

Cheryl Jones, Personal Chef & Caterer

Listens and Adapts

Above I would have checked every attribute if the website allowed me to, because Belinda simply delivers on every single one. I have worked with many organizers before and she is the best. Many impose their way of doing things and cost a fortune, and I was often left frustrated, and not satisfied.

Not so with Belinda. She simply listens and adapts to one’s needs. So much gets done with her in such short time, there is no doubt she works smart and efficiently, provides tremendous value and savings in comparison to what I have experienced in the past. I own a store in San Rafael, and use her every so often for projects from organizing files, sorting business cards, clearing out clutter, working on my calendar, even organizing my showroom displays. The sales of accessories have doubled since she has done this, easily covering her costs. This is one person I recommend without hesitation.


Steve Cuvin, Owner of Hearth and Home

Saved my Business

I hired Belinda to organize my multi-doctor clinic. It was apparent right away that Belinda had more to offer than just organizing, as she quickly pointed out how learning styles influence organizational strategies that actually work long-term. As a result of Belinda’s recommendations, I avoided setting up a organizational process that would only benefit me – a common mistake I think many smaller business owners are likely to make.  Instead, I set up a organizational process that was workable for a variety of learning and organizational styles, and not just skewed toward a visual organizational style.

Working with Belinda and her sound recommendations ultimately saved my business time, money and employee frustration; this all dropped to the bottom line in a positive way. Thank you, Belinda! I appreciate what you do.

Dr. Beverly Yates, ND

Recommend without Reservation

Belinda is high energy, take charge woman who brings fun, good listening skills & willingness to dig in & get the job done attitude and focus. We began clearing my recently deceased mother’s home, as well as facing my long neglected one. I recommend her without reservation.

Carol Howard-Wooton, Psychotherapist

Very Creative

I hired Belinda when I had my retail store to help streamline my office systems. She came up with a very creative and simple way to keep all my bills organized so they could get paid on time. Thank you Belinda for making it easier to keep my desk clear so I could think clearly. I highly recommend you give her creative genius a try.

Kimberly Sherry, Internationally Renowned Intuitive Healer

A Godsend

When I started my second business I realized how precious time is. There is only so much that you can do by yourself. That’s where Belinda is a Godsend. Her organizational skills are just amazing and when coupled with her professionalism and efficiency, in short she gives you back your life. If you’re managing a household or business Belinda’s contact is an essential part of your rolodex. I highly recommend her.

Caroline Thibeaux, Owner of Kinetic Waves and Hujan Skin Care

Amazing Ideas

We hired Belinda to help us de-clutter and organize our home. Within just our first consultation hour, we went room to room in our home and identified what was wrong with the room (i.e., it wasn’t functional for what we needed, needs more storage, implement systems for cleaning/disposing of stuff). She helped us see that we weren’t enjoying being home because of the clutter and that we had to make getting rid of stuff a priority and get furniture we like that is functional (instead of hand me downs from the family). We are in the process of working with her to implement systems to de-clutter as things come into our house (i.e., shredding mail we don’t need, filing systems with easy access for records, electronic records, closet storage, and of course dealing with laundry)!

Belinda has such a calming nature and so many amazing ideas when it comes to organization that the whole process has been really liberating getting rid of things, and Belinda has been such a pleasure to work with.

Jessica Garrett Swanson, Esq. at Law Office of Jessica Garrett Swanson

Impressive Grace

As a Real Estate Broker, I have hired (and referred) Belinda as consultant and stager for several times. With impressive grace, Belinda commands the room and immediately has a vision for improvements, flair and that all-important “wow-effect.” She warmly integrates the temperament of the homeowners/clients, providing confidence and trust to deliver the impact needed to sell high-end real estate in the Bay Area.

Pat Townsley 

Made a difference in my life

I just wanted you to know that you made a difference in my life.  To God be the Glory. Thank you and peace unto you.

T.M. San Pablo

WAY worth the investment

What a life saver. Belinda who I have it in my head is called Joy – is amazing. We did more in 3 3/4 hours than I could have done in a week. How incredibly fantastic to have her help. I lost two metric tons of stress today. SO WAY worth the investment. Thank you for arranging this!!

Marjorie, Piedmont, Alameda County, CA

Energy and Personality

Yes I have been working with Belinda. Thank you for referring her to me. She has a great philosophy about her work and I love her energy and personality. We recently just finished reorganizing my home. I am looking forward to using her recommended suggestions. Thank you again.

Lallaine, San Francisco, CA

A joy to know and work with

Dear Belinda,
You have helped me in so many ways … You are a teacher. And you are a joy to know and work with. Blessings, and thank you for your patience.

C.H., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

35 years and counting…

After living in our home for 35 years, we were dodging things to get around our living room. Belinda Beebe got to work and de-cluttered the entire place. Even the storage room has space now. She also upgraded the décor and our linens, and staged our entire home before we put it up for sale. In a word, ‘Wow!’

J.F., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

When part of a relocation needs to arrive early!

Hi Belinda, Just wanted to let you know that you sent the Perfect kitchen items! We have had just what we need to set up camp and even entertain my husbands’ massive family. Thank you so much. Everything is working out well. Thank you for making our move as painless as possible.

C.T., Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA

Sense of Humor

Belinda Beebe has a great sense of humor and doesn’t flinch in the face of conflict. Our estate sale was stressful and Belinda helped smooth the rough edges.

B.C., Tiburon, Marin County, CA

Life Saver

Thanks so much for everything! I am really glad we met you. You have been a life saver!

B.K., Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA

The stress began to lift from my shoulders

It was a shock to discover what had been hidden in my mother’s basement after living in her home for 50 years. It was too overwhelming for any of us to cope with while also grieving her loss. Belinda was recommended to us by a friend who had a challenging project of her own handled by Belinda. Immediately after meeting with Belinda, the stress began to lift from my shoulders. She was gracious and kind, and most of all understanding of what my family was going through. We hired her and were able to get back to the details of bidding farewell to my loving mother. What she accomplished was miraculous. My family was able to find the treasures they wished to keep, and the rest Belinda organized, packed, and delivered to various charities and disposal sites. My family will be forever grateful.

C.S., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

Decorating tastes from simple to elegant

Belinda has a terrific eye for space utilization, creating easy traffic flow with color and decorating tastes from simple to elegant. I’ve referred Belinda to several clients who have all been pleased with her professionalism, organization, task management and the end result: A beautiful home.

Pat Townsley

Controlling the army of toys

Our living room IS the family room. Belinda labeled and re-arranged the storage. We kept most of the toys, but now that there is “a place for everything and everything in its place," the kids and I can really tidy up, not just re-arrange the clutter.


A.G., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

Even children see the difference!

Belinda is amazing! When Belinda told me what she did it took a while for me to get it straight and to let it sink in. I said “You will actually go through my garage and organize it? ” And if I’m too busy “Without me?” I was in shock. I felt I had nothing to lose. We had moved in a few months prior and had just finished a major remodel and had our basics inside organized, but had no energy or desire to tackle the garage. We couldn’t see what we had, nor could we find anything or walk in it. Still in shock someone would actually enjoy and want to do that awful job, I told her that she was hired.

By the end of the first day I was amazed at what she had accomplished and by the end of the second even more so. I have no idea how she did it. My daughter noticed a few weeks later and asked where everything went. I explained that Belinda had simply put things in their place; everything from luggage to dress up clothes to our Christmas stuff and so much more. She was nice enough to fill her convertible on more than one occasion and take a pile of junk and donations away for us!

She is the best! Although I can’t understand it, you can tell she does really like what she does and cares!

Debbi Di Maggio, Highland Partners l Prudential CA Realty

A Family Functions Favorite

We’ve hired Belinda for several different family functions and everyone loves her!  She is super helpful and knows what we need before *we* even know we needed it!  She works really hard to make everything flow nicely with drinks, appetizers, dinner and cleanup.  If you need any help, then look no further.  Belinda will make your parties and events so much more fun as you won’t have to worry about all of the details.


T.G. San Rafael

Outstanding Staging

My dear Belinda,
What an outstanding staging you have done for us.
Family matters require me to not be in town, but I want you to know how grateful I am to you.

B.B., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

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